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Are Refurbished Phones a Good Option For You?

06 February 2023

To decide whether to buy refurbished smartphones or not, we must understand, what refurbished phones are and what are the pros and cons of buying them.

What is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished smartphone is a reconditioned pre-owned phone model that is restored to the best condition to be resold in the market. The returned mobile phones are not always faulty but are returned for number of reasons, like if the owner changed his mind and wants some other handset.

These refurbished phones are then thoroughly tested and checked to ensure the handsets are in perfect condition and thereafter can be resold.If there are any faults or parts missing, then it is replaced with original good quality spares to maintain its quality. The main features that go under the test and are verified for their quality check are; camera, battery life, audio quality, screen responsiveness and the buttons.

Things to keep in mind before buying a Refurbished Phone

Surely such refurbished phones are sold cheaper than their sealed companions, hence buying them is a good alternative. However, you must take in consideration a few things before you leap into buying a refurbished handset.

  •  Look for the warranty

Such refurbished phones can be bought either from manufacturer, network provider or reseller’s platform. Every refurbished phone carries a limited period warranty. Once the resellers ensure the mobile phone is in perfect condition after performing several tests, they decide the time period of the warranty.

Manufacturers resell these pre-owned handsets which are returned for several reasons, there can be a damaged box delivery, logistic issues or in some cases the owner changes his mind right after the purchase.

If a smartphone was returned due to manufacturing fault, it is then resolved and is sold under refurbished phones as well. 

  •  Read the documents

True that you are buying an expensive phone for much cheaper price, yet you need to go through every detail before making a final purchase. Important details about the phone are in the fine print that you skip to read. Always read the documents as it may provide with the hidden conditions about the warranty and return. If you are planning to buy online ask the reseller about the return policy.

  • Understand what you are buying

Not all phones that are resold are refurbished phones. Understand how trusted the reseller is. The quality of the refurbished phone depends on the genuineness of thereseller. Check whether there is any kind of certification provided by the reseller or not. Save yourself from the websites that try to sell the cheap low-quality phones in the name of refurbished phones. Look for the standard accessories supplied with the handset by the reseller.Also find out if the seller website is offering a bill of purchase along with the handset.

What are Refurbished Phone Grades? 

Since refurbished phones are used phones thus phone quality is considered before making a purchase.

Looking at different aspects; cosmetic condition, battery life etc., the different websites have a common grading principle to give the buyer an idea of what he is purchasing.

The different refurbished phone grades are :

Grade A:  This is the best rating refurbished phone. Considered to be the best Grade A refurbished phones are just like new. With little to no sign of use and minimal scuffs the phone feels as good as new.

Grade B:  With light scratches and scuffs the handset is available in comparatively cheaper price as its not in a mint condition due to the damage showing.

Garde C: The Grade C rating phone works but it seems it surely had better days. With a lot of wear and tear showing the phone cosmetically suffers but is considerably cheaper than the other two grades.

How to choose the right seller to buy a refurbished phone

With so many websites online, dealing with the sale of refurbished phones, it becomes extremely important to look for the right website.

Look for the top-rated platform that clearly enlists a separate section for refurbished handsets. Mobilesemporium is one such website that is known for its transparency in transactions and sale. You can check out the warranty offered and get in touch with the seller. Furthermore, you can also ask questions regarding the return policy. The trusted website mobilesemporium provides you with its complete profile and thus creates a genuine bond with its customers. You can also search the reviews to find how authentic the website is.

Is it better to buy a Used or a Refurbished Phone?

A used mobile phone is difficult to trust. The customer needs to be cautious while a making a purchase. A used or second-hand phoneis tough to judge, it means the phone might show a few scratches on the surface but the internal circuit in reality might have had a few drops.

The Refurbished phone on the other hand when bought from a verified seller or website will come with cleaned, wiped, tested finish along with a limited period warranty.

More or less themoney you spendmust get you a good handset which is functioning well.

Mobile phone survives on battery and with used mobile phone it become almost impossible to know how good is its battery. However, with refurbished phones the battery is thoroughly checked and rigorously tested to ensure its working. In most cases the battery is restored to original condition.

How long does a Refurbished Phone last?

If you ensure to buy a refurbished phone from a trusted website, like mobilesemporium, it should last almost the same time as the original. As these refurbished phones are tested before being sold with much clarity about their condition and warranty.

Should you buy a Refurbished phone?

With new versions out every now and then buying a refurbished phone offers a similar experience and is surely a good option if you are looking to spend less as a new handset might drill a hole in your pocket.