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Compare Apple Watch Series 5 vs Apple Watch Series 3

13 May 2020

Are you looking to buy an Apple Watch and are confused between the latest Apple Watch Series 5 and the comparatively cost-effective previous generation Apple Watch Series 3? Here is what you need to know before making the right decision.

Design: Apple Watch Series 5 vs Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch 3 launched the revolutionary Retina Display in a smartwatch, it became synonymous with flicking the wrist to have a look at the time. Apple Watch Series 5 goes a step further and has introduced the Always-On Retina Display which does not even need the flick of the wrist as the display never sleeps. The display is designed to increase the viewing area by 30% over the Apple Series 3. The rounded corners make it look even more beautiful apart from increasing the display size.

The Build: Apple Watch Series 5 vs Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 came in strong yet incredibly light recyclable aerospace-grade aluminium which came in silver and space grey colours. Apple Watch Series 5 not only has the Aluminium build but also offers the Stainless Steel, Titanium and Ceramic Versions which come in White, Silver, Space Grey, Titanium and Gold options.

Health: Apple Watch Series 5 vs Apple Watch Series 3

Let us look at the Apple Series 5 first, it monitors our heart rate and alerts us for any irregularities and also includes an ECG app that takes heart monitoring to an all-new level. It also monitors other health aspects like monitoring breath and period cycles. Apple Watch 3, on the other hand, is equally adept to monitor heart rate and detects any unusual activity. It misses on the ECG app though.

Tech: Apple Watch Series 5 vs Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with the path-breaking technology specs like GPS, Compass, Cellular Connectivity, Digital Crown with haptic feedback, optical heart sensor as well as electrical heart sensor. The Apple Watch Series 3 has the key technologies including optical heart sensor, digital crown, cellular connectivity and GPS. While the Apple Watch Series 5 is driven by dual-core S5 chip, the Apple Watch Series 3 is driven by dual-core S3 chip. The S5 chip makes the Series 5 two times faster than the Series 3 when it comes to using the high-end apps, also the speaker in Series 5 is 50% louder than Series 3.

Verdict: Apple Watch Series 5 vs Apple Watch Series 3

While the Apple Watch Series 5 is a definite update over the Apple Watch Series 3, is faster and has more functions as well. However, if you are not someone who can’t live without the latest technology and gadgets then Apple Series 5 is the watch for you. Having said that Apple Watch Series 3 still packs a lot of power and covers the most crucial aspects. Thus, for lovers of Apple Watch who want an affordable yet classy option Apple Watch Series 3 covers the most ticks for a good smartwatch.

Compare Apple Watch Series 5 vs Apple Watch Series 3

Series 5Series 3
40mm or 44mm case; over 30 percent larger display8 38mm or 42mm case
Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display with Force Touch, 1000 nits Second-generation Retina OLED display with Force Touch, 1000 nits
GPS and GPS + Cellular models GPS and GPS + Cellular models
S5 with 64-bit dual-core processor; W3 wireless chip S3 with dual-core processor; W2 wireless chip
Digital Crown with haptic feedback Digital Crown
Electrical heart sensor and second-generation optical heart sensor Optical heart sensor
International emergency calling3, Emergency SOS2, and fall detection Emergency SOS2
Water resistant 50 meters4 Water resistant 50 meters4
LTE and UMTS5, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0 LTE and UMTS5, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.2
GPS/GNSS, compass, and barometric altimeter GPS/GNSS and barometric altimeter
50 percent louder speaker; built-in mic Built-in speaker and mic
32GB capacity 16GB capacity (GPS + Cellular); 8GB capacity (GPS)

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  • Leather: Distinctive leather designs with magnetic or stainless steel closures.
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  • Stainless Steel: Crafted from a stainless steel alloy with custom magnetic or butterfly closures.


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