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iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

06 February 2023

With every new launch Apple iPhone brings in loads of features and thus is an upgraded and updated version of its previous handset, yet the new iPhone 14 is similar to its predecessor iPhone 13 in many aspects. Though there are a few significant changes in iPhone 14, nonetheless a lot of features are similar to the iPhone 13 version. So the question is whether or not to opt for the new iPhone 14 or go for the less expensive iPhone 13.

Is the new iPhone 14 worth buying or should you stick to the previous iPhone 13?

If you are confused among the two; iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 then let’s understand the two models along with their specifications.

To begin the comparison we must realise that to each its own. On the outside, iPhone 13 is less bulky than the iPhone 14 model. Though iPhone 14 appears heavy yet it offers an array of features that are an upgrade to its previous version especially its camera function.

Design and Display: iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

Looking at the design both the handsets offer similar look and appeal with aluminium and glass body and a glossy back. However, the new iPhone 14 has an added Ceramic Shield covering the front glass for the extra durability.

The new Dynamic Island is an iPhone 14 feature that replaces the smaller notch present in iPhone 13 which offers better navigation ability.

In some iPhone 14 versions the sim card tray is unavailable and is only functional with eSim but the iPhone 13 offers both the options.

In comparison the display of the two smartphones is almost identical and the difference is so miniscule that it is difficult for the human eye to make out any changes.But the higher version of iPhone 14; iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro are installed with giant sized display of 6.7inch.

Camera: iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

One of the key upgrades that the new iPhone 14 incorporates is better camera specifications. iPhone13 and iPhone 14 both are studded with two 12MP rear cameras; an ultrawide lens and one main shooter. However, the point of difference lies with main sensor. iPhone 14 comes with a larger sensor that offer much bigger pixels to support sensor-shift stabilization to the image captured.

If you are looking for a better camera experience then iPhone 14 delivers better pictures and videos with much detail and little noise. The Night Mode image quality is also improved with faster exposure and Photonic Engine enhances the performance of the camera in low-light ambience as well. Thus in turn provides the new iPhone 14 an edge over the previous iPhone 13 version. In addition the front facing TrueDepth camera also sees improvisation. The higher versions of iPhone 14; Plus and Pro versions also incorporate an Autofocus feature for its TrueDepth lens.

The All-new Action Mode is also introduced that is designed to provide your videos and images with much more stability than before. This is the most impressive aspect of the iPhone 14 camera.

If you love clicking professional looking pictures and camera is one feature you don’t wish to compromise with, then iPhone 14 or sure has an edge over its previous iPhone 13 version. So if you are willing to spend more for the camera feature then iPhone 14 is for you. 

Performance: iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

Both iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are lined up with the same chipset; powerful A15 bionic. The two iPhones are indistinguishable in regards to the performance as this the first time when the new iPhone launched is using the same chipset as its earlier version.

With only a slight boost in the performance aspect compared to the earlier version, iPhone 14 fails to make a mark above the iPhone 13.

Battery life: iPhone 13 vs iPhone 

Comparing the two versions iPhone 14 proposes 20 hrs of playback video, 80 hrs of audio and 16 hrs of video streaming while the iPhone 13 proposes 19hrs of video playback, 75 hrs of audio and 15 hrs of video streaming. However, in reality the proposed estimates of both the handsets are a little higher than what they actually offer.

Still, the higher-end versions of iPhone 14; Plus and Pro both have an exceptional battery life, which is the best in the present market.

Safety: iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

iPhones are known to be the best when it comes to keeping all your data safe. There are some noticeable changes incorporated in the new iPhone 14 version. Firstly, the mobile phone has a better thermal performance along with the Emergency SOS feature that now uses satellite to get you help when there is no cellular network. This is a lifesaving addition, which can prove to be very useful in most dire circumstances. iPhone 13 will not be able to get this upgrade.

The new Crash Detection feature is yet another exclusive specification that is limited to the iPhone 14 version which detects a car crash and calls for the emergency services.

Software: iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13

iPhone 14 is embedded with iOS 16. However, the iPhone 13 model after an update offers the same operating system with exact same features. Offering the same experience both the handsets run on the same chipset with the same iOS thus no difference will be seen in this particular aspect.


To summarise, iPhone 14 do bring some essential upgrades which are not a part of its earlier iPhone 13 version. The low light shooting mode, better image stabilisation feature, Satellite SOS Connectivity, Crash Detection feature and Action Mode for video recordings are few very important features embedded in iPhone 14. Nonetheless, the price range is another aspect to look into. Thus keeping all these in mind, understand what you are expecting from your handset and how much are you willing to spend for it. Go through the list of specifications thoroughly and make an informed decision.