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Amazon Echo 2nd gen - Charcoal Fabric

In this modern era, a variety of smart gadgets are up on the market that can make your life easier. And one such amazing gadget is the Amazon Echo 2nd Gen. This smart assistant allows you to perform various tasks at once with your voice command. You can get free Amazon Echo 2nd, Gen, with contract phones. Thus pairing this smart assistant with your smartphone can get your multiple tasks done with a single command. 

 Amazon Echo 2nd Gen is one of the latest smart assistant devices enabled with Alexa service and Google Assistant. Getting a free Amazon Echo 2nd Gen bundle deal is one of the best ways to get this gadget as it will not an extra penny. Many smartphone companies offer significant discounts on buying Amazon Echo 2nd Gen along with a smartphone. But here you can get a free Amazon Echo 2nd, Gen, with monthly pay phones

Features of Amazon Echo 2nd Gen

  • It can be easily paired with any smartphone (android/iOS), laptop, tablet, and smart TV. 
  • With the help of voice command, you can play, pause or change audio tracks, movies, audio stories, etc. 
  • The high-end stereo speakers equipped in the Amazon Echo 2nd Gen help you get an immersive audio experience. The speaker sounds richer and fuller and you can easily equip it with your smart TV to enjoy the surround sound like theatres. 
  • Its compact size of 148 X 99 X 99 mm makes it easy to carry and place over any kind of surface. 
  • This smart speaker cum voice assistant comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • It can be easily charged by a USB type C 30W smartphone charger, and its battery lasts more than 2 days on normal use. 
  • A variety of colors is available with the Amazon Echo 2nd Gen, which matches your home décor. 
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