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Amazon Firestick

Cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing our homes daily, a variety of new smart gadgets are now up on the market, which makes our lives better. For instance, a decade before, TVs were only used to watch TV shows, news, or sports. But the present-day smart TVs allow you to play games, watch live shows on the internet, video conferencing, and a lot more. And amazon firestick is an amazing device that lets you watch Netflix, and Amazon directly on your TV.

You can simply buy an amazon firestick at the regular price, and also has an option to get a free Amazon firestick with bundle deals. When you buy a contract phone, you have an option to get a free amazon firestick with the contract phones. Despite, its features, the amazon firestick is quite an expensive device, thus you simply get a free amazon firestick with monthly pay monthly phones. It also allows you to pay the cost of the smartphone in form of monthly installments.

Features of amazon firestick

  • It lets you enjoy live TV shows, popular web series, movies, and podcasts from your favorite streaming applications like Netflix, and Amazon prime.
  • There are 2 variants of firestick available, the first one is normal, and the second one is 4K. The amazon firestick 4K lets you stream movies, and web series directly on your smart TV in 4K resolution.
  • The amazon firestick comes with a remote, which is enabled with Alexa smart assistant. This smart assistant lets you control your TV with voice commands. You can simply increase or reduce volume, change tracks, pause, and play with the help of this feature.
  • The amazon firestick also comes with parental control feature, which lets you strict some adult content. Also, you monitor the data usage and watch history and can even set data limits.
  • You can plug-in the firestick with your smart TV, and you can access 1000 plus the latest movies, live shows, sports, anime, and web series. It also supports many third-party applications like YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, etc.
  • With the amazon firestick, you do not need to get a separate amazon prime membership, you can simply enjoy all the Amazon prime is content for free.
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