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Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi

The Amazon Kindle is the new e-reader introduced in an all-new avatar. This amazing e-reader is now available with an in built Wi-Fi. You can use the kindle to read a book and can go further than normal book reading. It comes with a touch screen display that helps to read like you read a real paper. As it does not come with a built-in light so, there is no screen shine even when you are reading in sunlight.

It comes with some exclusive features like Vocabulary builder, Kindle FreeTime and Goodreads integration. Another feature named as Word Wise is soon to be introduced. There is also an on-device storage option that can be increased in order to store more books. You can now turn on the pages of the e-book you read with a 20% faster speed.

This device is much lighter than a paperback book. Many network operators are there who are offering contract phones with free Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi. There are even lots of FREE Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi with Contract Phone Deals. The battery life of this new Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi is extraordinary and stays for weeks and not just hours. So get a free Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi with phone contract and be the proud owner.

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