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Apple Air Pods

About Apple Air Pods

Apple Air Pods effortlessly run audio throughout the day using its breakthrough technology if in-ear true wireless headphones. One can just get all the assistance using SIRI with the in-ear Air Pods itself. Air Pods now come in a new wireless charging case and once you take them out they connect to your iPhone by themselves. Just like a clean magic trick. Enabled with SIRI, they can read incoming messages for you and are always on, once you take them out they pause automatically.  Apple Air Pods are now powered by the all-new Apple H1 headphone chip that makes it faster, better and more powerful than ever before. If you are looking for Apple AirPod Deals, read on.

Apple Air Pods vs Air Pods Pro

Apple AirPods are awesome, they fit in seamlessly inside the ear and provide awesome audio that lasts throughout the day. Apple AirPods Pro goes a step ahead of AirPods and also provide complete noise cancellation while still being an in-ear wireless headphone, which is a technology marvel in its own. Apple AirPods Pro weighs just a little more than the AirPods which is amazing considering what they offer is a lot more. And yes, whenever one wants they can switch to transparency mode and allow the outside sound to come in. Now one can get Contract Phones with free Apple Air Pods Deals. Read to know-how.

Speciafication Comparison

  Air Pods Air Pods Pro
Hey Siri Always On Always On
Wireless Charging Case Included Optional
(life listening time with charging case)
More than 24 hours1 More than 24 hours2
(life listening time on one charge)
Up to 4.5 hours3 Up to 5 hours4
Fit Customisable Universal
H1 chip Yes Yes
Personalised engraving Yes Yes
Active Noise Cancellation Yes No
Sweat and water resistance5 Yes No 

How to get free Apple Air Pods with contract phones

Getting Free Apple Air Pods with a phone is simpler than ever, with our contract phone deals that are available in just 24 months rental, unlike the standard festive deals. Also, these Apple Air Pods Deals are available with contract phones from top mobile networks - O2, Vodafone, EE and Three. Wait no more and get your hands on Free Apple Air Pods with our contract phones with free Air Pods Deals right now before the stocks finish. Order Now

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