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Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow

Features to look out for in the new Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow:

Compact and lightweight design

Built-in controllers that are built right into the system

Entire libraries of compatible games

What is included in the system package when I buy the Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow?

When you buy the system package, you are given everything you could possibly need for an awesome gaming experience with the Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow. These include:

Nintendo Switch console

Nintendo Switch dock

1 Joy-Con™ (L) controller, 1 Joy-Con™ (R) controller

2 Joy-Con™ wrist strap accessories

Joy-Con grip accessory

Nintendo Switch AC adapter

HDMI cable

Is it possible to watch movies or browse the web on the new Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow?

The Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow is the first and foremost dedicated video gaming system that is designed for users who want to immerse themselves in what might possibly be the best gaming experience of their lives. Hence, movies and browsing are not an option with this device. With the Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow, however, you can find a Hulu support on Nintendo eShop. This can be used as a regular application for a variety of purposes.

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