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10 ways you can reuse your old smartphones

20 September 2017

If you are someone who loves to upgrade your smartphone from time to time, then there are chances that you have hoarded several old ones. You do not have to let these phones just lie around and can fashion some interesting things out of them. Here are 10 ways you can reuse an old smart phone: 

  • Your own surveillance camera:Get an app such as tinyCam Monitor and IP webcam and you have a great camera for your home or your office. These smartphones have good cameras that can generate live videos on your browser and even save them on the cloud.
  • GPS: Download an app like Google Maps or Here We Go and you will have your own in car GPS. You can opt for voice navigation and can even download maps for offline use.
  • Digital Photo Frame: Set your smartphone on your desk or by the bed and let the pictures of your friends and family members scroll on.
  • Media Server: Use your smartphone solely to stream any multimedia content such as videos and music. You have apps such as BubbleUPnP and Plex that will help you do this easily.
  • Universal Remote Control: You don’t have to fight for the remote or keep looking for it all the time. If you have a smartphone with an IR blaster, you can just replace all the individual remotes of devices and just use your phone.
  • Dedicated gaming device or media player: The best use of a smartphone is to turn it into your own portable gaming device or media player. You have several media player apps that help you load up a good collection. You can also install games like Mortal Kombat and Temple Run based on the specifications of your device.
  • Ebook Reader: You do not have to invest in a Kindle if you have a smartphone to spare. While these devices are recommended, you can make a temporary e-reader thanks to apps by Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Kabo that will help you install and read e-books easily.
  • Wireless hotspot: If you do not already have a wireless internet service installed at home, you can just get a SIM card that has a good 3G or 4G package and use it to turn your old phone into one. Use the hotspot option and connect all your devices to it and get great browsing speed as well.
  • For developing and tweaking: If you love experimenting with technology and gizmos, then you will love the open source Android OS. You can use your old smartphone, you can begin to tweak some software and learn more about different software to improve your developing skills.
  • Make it a hand me down: Your kid may demand a smartphone from you sooner or later. Let them use the old one until you know that they are responsible enough to handle one with better features. You also won’t have to invest in the first phone too soon.

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