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20 hot Google Chrome extensions you must try

21 September 2017

Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available today. It is more than just a browser, with several extensions that just make your life simpler. These extensions are available in the Google Chrome store and here are 20 that you must just not miss:

  • Grammarly: Say goodbye to embarrassing typos on your status updates or in the emails that you send out. You do not have to worry about incorrect English with this awesome extension that checks grammar instantly.
  • Checker Plus: When you are working with multiple tabs, a Gmail tab can be extremely distracting.Instead, your email pops up automatically on the screen every time you receive one with this extension.
  • Boomerang Calendar: Having trouble managing your schedule? This extension extracts any appointments that you receive through the mail and displays the time and date once it is integrated with your Gmail account.
  • Mighty Text: Every text or message that you get on your Android phone will be displayed as an alert on your web browser. That way, you don’t have to reach out for your phone time and again.
  • PDF and Print Friendly: If you are having trouble aligning any material that you want to print, you need this extension. It will create an editable preview with any web page so that you can remove any unwanted text, image or links and print without wasting any paper. Just email the final preview to yourself or download a PDF and print it when you need.
  • Polar Photo Editor: This fun image editing extension allows you to add watermarks, touch up pictures and resize them as you like and save them in a format that you need. With over 24 filters available, you can make your pictures more stunning.
  • Fireshot: Take a screenshot of any webpage or a part of a web page and save it in a format that you like. You can also email this to yourself as an attachment or print it instantly.
  • Screencastify: This is a great extension for those who make tutorials. All you need to do is get a webcam or a microphone and you can capture a view of every action in your browsing tab.
  • Session Buddy: In case your browser closes accidentally or crashes, Session Buddy restores them without you having to reload every single tab again. You can even save sessions that you want to view later on.
  • Mercury Reader: If ads and other elements are cluttering the reading space on the browser, then you can get rid of them in a jiffy with Mercury Reader. You can also adjust the text size as per your requirement.
  • SpeakIt: This extension reads out text from the browser for you. You can use this text to speech extension to listen to news when you are doing your chores, for instance.
  • Web of Trust: You can identify and unsafe link, scam or rogue websites with the complex algorithms of Web of Trust. It makes browsing extremely safe.
  • Ghostery: Many websites make use of cache data to learn your browsing habits. Then they bombard you with targeted ads. You can avoid this with this smart extension.
  • Privacy Cleaner: When you are giving out any personal information online, you are also giving them out to some third-party websites. You can check the ones that are linked to say, Twitter, Google or Instagram and revoke any service that you are not interested in.
  • Add this: It makes sharing easy by allowing you to right-click on a link and sharing it where you want it to be posted.
  • All in one Messenger: You can use all your messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, WeChat and others through one tab on your browser.
  • Google Keep: You can now take notes and save images or web pages and organize them like sticky notes.
  • Bookmark Keeper: Just copy all your bookmarks online so that you can have access to them from a Chrome web browser on any device.
  • Google translate: You can make translations of text from any language. Just highlight the text and click on the translate button.
  • Google dictionary: Get the meaning of any word by simply highlighting the word. The meaning will appear as a text bubble instantly. 

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