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5 Android features to make iPhone users 'jealous'

20 September 2017

The war between iOS and Android has been ongoing forever. These two operating systems are not as different from one another as you may think. However, making the choice between the platforms requires you to choose some specific features that are unique to the one that you favor. 

If you are inclined towards Android, then here are some things that this OS can perform that the iOS simply cannot match. These advantages, albeit tiny, are good enough to make an iPhone user jealous: 

  • A host of default apps: With Android, you have the advantage of choosing apps to perform specific functions for you. However, on the iPhone, you will mostly get an upgrade on the apps that already exist to make them relevant. For instance, if you prefer to open addresses in Waze rather than on Google Maps, Android allows you to do that. But with Apple, you may have to stick to Apple apps for the most part.
  • Better notification center: Although many people have requested for an improved notification center, you still have the same cluttered view as before. On the other hand, you have all the notifications tucked into one header that can be expanded by swiping the screen. In addition to this, dismissing a notification on Android only requires you to swipe on it once. On the other hand, with the iOS, you need to Swipe from left to right and then click on the clear button. You can also prioritize the notifications that you receive with Android.
  • Live Call Recording: This is a feature that has been available for Android for the longest time. This allows you to record a phone call while you are still on it. But, with Apple, there are several legal implications. You can use easy third-party call recording apps with Android. With iPhone, these apps will need you to also have a three-way conferencing option available. Also, every recording is paid for.
  • Multi-user Mode: This is a feature that is not available on any Apple device. So, it is hard for members of a family to share a single device. On the other hand, since the Android 5.0 Lollipop was developed, the multi-user mode has been included in the code. So you can switch between users with a unique password and username. You can even choose a guest mode.
  • Multi-window applications- With an iPad you have the option of running apps on a split screen view and can have several floating windows that can be dragged around. This is not an option with the iPhone, however. This feature is available with some of the leading Android phone manufacturers such as Samsung. You can run two or more apps at the same time. This means that you can keep an eye on a Twitter stream while you enjoy a video on YouTube. This is even better-accessed thanks to the humongous screens of Android devices that you can find these days.

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