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5 tips for buying a budget smartphone. Looking for a new phone at a great low price? Here's what you need to know

25 March 2019

The mobile market is booming today with thousands of smartphones launching on a daily basis. One may have many aspirations with their smartphone as it is one thing which one doesn’t change so often. Thus, it becomes highly advisable to go for the perfect phone which suits your needs and this requires careful study of the various factors.

If you wish to buy a budget smartphone which meets your requirements, then keep the below-given points in mind.

1. Display

Display technology has grown over the years. Till a few years back, high definition display with a 720 p resolution (1280 X 720 pixels) could only be found in the expensive smartphones. However, now HD display is also available in a good budget smartphone. Look for an HD display to enjoy better images and screen presence.


2. Camera

With everyone indulging in some sort of mobile photography, a decent camera which takes sharp and detailed pictures is what is required. Look for the Megapixel (MP) count on camera. The higher the value of MP, the better quality pictures of the camera.

Also look for the front-facing camera and check for its MP as well. Don’t forget to consider lens, optical stabilization, LED flash to get the best of camera quality in the phone.


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3. Design

The design is the face of the phone. Though budget phones aren’t as sleek and polished as their premium counterparts, still they manage to attract attention. The budget smartphones are a little larger in width and weight which is a great factor who seeks grip in the phone.


4. Processing Power

The processing power of the phone is one of the most crucial factors as this is what drives the phone. Look for the processor with core specs. The new state of the art processors offer smooth working and let you multitask with apps. Nowadays, the latest apps and games are designed keeping in mind the commercial sense and hence they run fine on all kinds of processors.


5. Battery Life

This is the biggest concern for everyone nowadays. Obviously, who wants a smartphone which needs to be charged every few hours. To the irony, budget phones battery is usually better than premium phones as their processor and screen resolution is lower in comparison. Thus, it doesn’t have to work extra hard to keep things running smoothly. A battery size of 3000 mAh is sufficient to take you through the day.


Carefully study and research these factors before making a plunge.