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6 things to do and not to do when your smartphone falls in water

20 September 2017

One of the worst things to happen is your phone falling in the water. While it seems hopeless, you can do a few things that will restore your device to a large extent. But, the anxiety of getting your phone to dry up immediately makes a few blunders. Avoid them and there is some hope that your phone will be saved. Here are six things to do and not to do when your smartphone falls in the water: 

Do not lie to your phone company when you take the phone to them

If your phone has been submerged in the water fully, then your warranty is completely void. However, there is a chance of an “accidental oxidation” guarantee. You need to make sure that you read the contract carefully. There are a few conditions that should be met if you want to get a refund. A smartphone comes with an immersion sensor that will change its color when the device is fully immersed. So do not lie to the company. 

Make sure the phone is switched off and just wipe it dry 

Your smartphone should be removed from the water as soon as possible. Wipe it dry with a clean towel. If the device is on, turn it off immediately. Wrap the phone in paper tissues so that most of the moisture is absorbed. Any accessories attached to the device should be unplugged. Remove all the SIM cards and memory cards. 

Place your phone in a bag of rice 

It is best to put the phone in an airtight box with special moisture absorbing packets. If you do not have any access to industrial tools for dehumidifying, then you can opt for a bag of uncooked rice as well. It does absorb the moisture but also leaves a lot of dust behind. Keeping the phone in a bag for about 24-48 hours is a great idea. 

Never use a hairdryer to get the moisture out 

The heat generated by your hairdryer is too much for the electric components of your smartphone. Do not keep the phone near a radiator or near the oven. 

Do not rinse the smartphone in clean water

If your phone falls in fresh water, there is a chance of recovery. But, if it falls in saltwater, then the chances are not as high. This is because the salt gets to the metal parts and the electric components very soon. You cannot save your phone with a rinse in clean water either. 

Make sure you back up all your data

If your phone does power on, back up every bit of data that you have on it. Even though it seems like the phone is working normally, there are chances that it will cause a lot of trouble eventually. So having back up of the pictures, contacts and other data will make sure that you do not have to worry even if the phone needs to be replaced. 

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