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7 power bank tips

20 September 2017

The more powerful smartphones get, the harder it is to get the battery to sustain. These days, having a phone that functions the way you need it to and also has enough battery power to last one complete day seems like a dream. This is why having a good power bank is a must. Here are 7 things that you should not miss when you are buying a power bank:

The capacity: The capacity of a power bank is measured in Milliamp Hours. The more this is, the higher charging capacity the device has. Your device should have the same mAH as your device. If not you will not be able to charge the device. It is best to opt for one that has double the battery capacity as your device.

The safety and quality of the device: The build quality of the device is very important. It is important not only for the performance of the device but also for accurate transfer of energy to the device that you are charging. 

USB charging and connectivity: You should be able to charge multiple devices with your power bank. You will be able to find different kinds of connectors that will be able to connect to a variety of mobile devices including cameras, tablets, and smartphones. You also have the option of charging more than one device at a time if you have the option of multiple connectors. 

LED Indicator: You need to have an LED indicator to know the charging status and the battery level. The light indicator should be clear for you to see. 

Look for a good brand: You need to opt for a brand that is well established. These brands will include better components like charging circuits and batteries. You will find several low-priced brands. But the fact is that the device you are connecting to is expensive. So, you must not take any chances of damaging an expensive device. 

Safety: If you are charging your device when you sleep at night, especially, safety is a major concern. There are some cheap power chargers that have power cells that are of very poor quality. This may explode and damage your device. Besides that, it can also have some serious consequences such as burns and wounds. Make sure that you look for a high-grade battery made with Lithium Polymers. These elements are stable and make sure that charging is safe. You will also have some devices that offer protection against overcharging, heating and short circuits with an internal circuit. 

Ampere count: The amount of current that passes through a device is determined by the ampere count. The charger can only provide as much power as it can draw. So, you need to make sure that the charger is able to provide more current than is needed by your device. Less current will not only charge the device slowly but will also cause a lot of damage to it. 

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