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7 things that iPhones can do, Android phones can't

20 September 2017

The Public Beta of the iOS 11 has been released by Apple. This allows the iPad and iPhone users to test the new operating system of the company. You have several new features such as camera refinements, a control center that has been redesigned, more multi-tasking options and a lot more. Some of the new features are simply futuristic, making a lot of your tasks easy as a breeze. These features are exclusive to the Apple iOS 11 released recently.

There are several reasons why the iOS is preferred by many over the regular Google Android. Here are seven of them: 

  • Spam message filter: This is undoubtedly the latest, most important feature in the iOS 11. You have the option of filtering the spam messages in the Messages App. Special machine learning is used to do this.
  • Native screen recording: You can record all the contents of your device’s display and even add a voice input externally. It is possible to also create GIFs with this feature. A similar feature is available on Samsung devices but is still not a native app as such. So Apple still maintains the upper hand.
  • Syncing messages across devices: You have the support of iCloud on the messenger app with the iOS 11. This allows all your messages to be synchronized across every apple device that you use. This feature is not available on the Android Messaging app as yet.
  • Sending and receiving messages through messages: You have the option of sending and receiving messages with an interesting feature that is available in the iOS11. All you have to do is send a simple text message. You can even transfer any money that has been received into your bank account. This is a feature that you cannot find in any Android device as of now.
  • Real-time language translation with Siri: This has been improved in the current iOS 11. You have the option of an Apple voice based assistant that allows you to translate between two languages while having a conversation in real time. There are several languages that are supported such as French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Italian.
  • Simple set up options: You can set your new iOS device up by holding it close to an old one. This feature is yet to be explored entirely but as per the official release, you can just hold your iPad or iPhone close to a Mac or an iOS device that already have and the preferences, personal settings and iCloud Keychain passwords are imported quickly and securely.
  • Drag and drop content: With the new iOS 11, you have the ablity to drag and drop any content such as text, URLS, apps and images very easily. This is a feature that functions even better on an iPad. You have the option of dragging and dropping this content from one app to the other using the simple app switcher panel. This panel has been redesigned for better usability.

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