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Contract Tariff Checklist

14 November 2016

When you decide to opt for a contract tariff, it means that you are going to be bound to it for 12 long months. Even though you imagine that getting the latest smartphone is a good deal, you need to also consider the monthly expenses that follow. For some people contract tariffs work really well while for the others, this can really upset their monthly budget. So, before you decide to go for a contract tariff, here is a simple checklist that will help you get a good deal:

  • Do you actually need it? If you are just opting for the contract for a new phone or a few extra calling minutes, it is a good idea to either buy upfront or get a simple top up. Both options work out to be really cost effective.
  • Have you compared the deals? Often, we are tempted to just pick the cheapest option available. However, consider this, you may be charged heavily on some of these deals if you go slightly over the allowance. Make sure you check all these factors before you actually get a deal for yourself.
  • What is the Data Allowance? Most people will not check this important feature. You need to be well aware of your data usage to pick a plan that can help you go through your social media, check your emails and even play a few games without going over. If your data usage is only casual about 500 MB should be good enough. However, if you need your data for a lot more things, check for better options.
  • Is insurance necessary? If your phone is really expensive, you may need an insurance. However, make sure that you read all the fine print and even compare the deals that are available in the market. You should not pay more than $15 on your premium.
  • Are you eligible? Having a good credit history is a must to get a contract. If you do not pass your credit check, you may not be eligible. Make sure that you check this thoroughly before you look for a contract deal.
  • How long will the contract last? The length of a contract is very important. Typically, it will range between 18-24 months. You also have 12 and 36 month contracts that are rarely recommended. 24 months is ideal as it is cheaper. Of course, you may even have the flexibility to buy out of the contract when you want to.
  • Will you be travelling abroad? Roaming abroad can really spike your monthly tariff considerably. So if you plan to travel or are travelling regularly, you can contact your carrier for specially designed tariffs.
  • Are you looking for an upgrade or a change in network? A change in network will not require a contract. Of course, upgrades are very common with contract holders. Your carrier may provide attractive deals that you need to be wary of.
  • What network are you choosing? Make sure that you choose a network that is able to meet your daily needs at a reasonable price.

With these simple tips, you should be able to get yourself a great deal.