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Get a Reasonably Priced Smartphone

17 November 2016

Owning a smartphone is something that everyone dreams of. However, the exorbitant prices of these chic handsets makes it impossible for most people to make this dream come true. Fortunately, there are a few options that will let you get a smartphone at a lower cost. Of course, if you are looking at money saving as well as great, over the top look while buying a Smartphone, it is seldom an option and to strike a balance would need some research from your end. There are so many features that you will have to pay and use. If you are not going to make use of these facilities, then having a smartphone is pointless in the first place.

A good idea would be to look for a cheaper smartphone. You must avoid long contracts if you want to pay lesser for the phone itself. You may end up paying close to £100 extra if you opt for contract tariffs that promise a 'free' phone. So, buying a phone upfront is the best way to save on your phone costs.

If that is too expensive for you, you could always opt for a second hand phone from Ebay or any other similar site. Of course, refurbished phones are another alternative for you. Amazon.com sells refurbished smartphones that will cost you a lot less than a brand new one. Only ensure that you get an unlocked phone. If not, your SIM only deal may not work on it. There are various places online where you can get certified phones with free delivery including.

Of course, for those who want to own a brand new phone, saving up is the best option. You can also exchange your current smartphone and get a decent discount on the actual price of the handset.

As for the expenses that you incur with a smartphone, most of them are unnecessary. For instance, you can reduce in-app purchases. While these may seem very affordable at £0.99 or lower prices, you will see that they add up to a lot on the whole.

You could also try to use Wi-Fi as often as you can in order to reduce the data consumption. Most of the large carriers will trick you into believing that you need £30 worth of data plans every month when you really don’t. Make sure you have a tab on the amount of time you spend browsing to get a plan that is best suited for you.

You can also switch your plans if necessary. That allows you to reduce costs to a large extent each month. Of course, free texting apps are a blessing. Download as many as you can with different features to suit your needs.

It is also possible to save big bucks with free versions of mobile games. You may have to deal with a few advertisements in between your game. But that is definitely better than ending up with a hefty bill every month. You can compare tariffs on www.mobilephonescomparison.co.uk to get a better idea. When you are sure that you have landed a deal that does not require you to pay too much for data usage or the handset itself, you can buy your smartphone. If not, it is wiser to wait until you are ready.