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How can I make my phone battery last longer?

31 December 2016

All the features in a smartphone becomes entirely useless when you do not have enough battery life to enjoy them all day long. In fact the fear of most of these functions sucking up your battery life can make you not use them at all. Then, having an expensive handset is an absolute waste of money.

Here are some tips that will help you improve the battery life of your handset:

Do not charge the phone for too long

The common thing to do is charging the phone all night to get a 100% charged battery in the morning. This is actually bad for your battery. When a battery is charged 100% and is still plugged to the charger, it will diminish quickly. The change happens over time and will be noticeable when the life of your battery has been reduced considerably.

Experts suggest that you charge the phone up to 80% if you want the battery to remain in good condition. A good charging habit is to keep the phone off at night and then charge it just before you get to work.

You can charge the phone to 100% just once or twice a month to make it last longer.

Get a portable charger

If you find the need to charge your phone over and over again, you can get yourself a portable charger. Power banks like Kayo Maxtar are small enough for you to carry in your pocket and work wonderfully on all handsets.

Keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned off

When you are not connected to another Bluetooth device, turn Bluetooth off. The same applies for Wi-fi. Any wireless technology drains off your battery faster than you can imagine. So, keeping them off will actually improve battery life.

Stick to 2G

While 3G and 4G connections are faster and more in demand, the humble 2G can work wonders for the life of your battery. While that will not really affect your phone calls and texts, browsing through the internet will seem challenging at first. You can always switch 3G on when required. But if you need to maintain better battery life for your phone, sticking to 2G is the best option you have.

Switch to battery saver mode

Any smartphone will have a low battery mode or a low power mode. This will probably dim your screen and restrict some functions but will improve the life of your battery life quite drastically. When you need to use certain functions you can always switch back. In many cases, you will be able to double your battery life.

Turn GPS off

Unless you are using maps or applications like Four Square, GPS is not required. It is one of the worst battery sapping functions in your phone.

Use different screen settings

Options like reducing the brightness of the screen and getting it to turn off after a few seconds will work wonders on your battery life. Even a simple thing like a dark screen saver will actually reduce battery consumption.

Turn vibration off

Keep the standard ringtone on a low volume if you find it annoying. With the vibrator mode you will actually consume a lot more battery. Even alert sounds for social media notifications and other "not-so-important" functions can be turned off.

Besides all the steps above, turning off the apps running in the background, opting out of voice control and avoiding too much exposure to sunlight can work wonders for your phone.

You can compare the battery life on various phones on mobilephonescomparison.co.uk. to make sure that you have a powerful battery to begin with.