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How do I switch from Android to iPhone?

31 December 2016

Phones made by popular mobile phone manufacturers such as LG, Sony, Samsung and HTC are operated by the Android software by Google. Making a switch from Android phones to the iPhone means that you will have to get used to several new features. However, the switch itself is not that much of a hassle.

Here are a few steps that you can follow:

Buying the iPhone

The first step of course is to get an iPhone. If you are looking for a phone on a budget, you can opt for the 5S and the 5C series. If not you can look for the higher end phones like the 6S. In all the models, transferring the information is pretty much the same.

Download Move to iOS

Apple devices run on an operating system called iOS. When you are making the switch from an Android phone, download the Move to iOS apps. This app will work only if you have Android 4.0 or over. You can check in the ‘About Phone’ menu in your Phone settings.

Get the authentication code

When you switch on your iPhone, you will immediately get a notification that will ask you if you want to transfer any information from an Android phone. When you tap yes, you get an authentication code that will be required later. So make sure to note it down.

Use the app

The Move to iOS app on your Android phone can now be prompted. You will immediately be asked for the authentication code. When you type it in, your two devices will be connected to one another. That is when you will be ready to make this transfer.

Choose files

You will get several check boxes on the app that will help you choose the data that you want to move to the iOS. You can transfer pictures, bookmarks, messages, contacts and other information rather easily.

It is advised that you make this transfer in an area where you have Wi-fi connection available. You will have a lot of heavy files to transfer. With slow internet connection this can take for ages and may not even be done properly.

You must also make note of all the apps that you normally use to ensure that they are transferred or are available in the iPhone. While most of them are available on the Apple store, you can make note to be absolutely sure.

Getting used to the iPhone will take some time. You can find several manuals and videos online to help you with this. Even then, if you are finding it hard to cope, you can visit a local Apple store for assistance.

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