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How much iPhone storage do you need?

22 March 2019

Different users have different requirements in terms of storage. The whole point of buying a phone that doesn’t meet your storage needs stands null. Thus, before buying yourself an iPhone, analyze how much storage you need. Because if you choose a phone with less storage than you need, then you will be constantly shuffling and deleting apps and files from your phone whereas if you choose a phone with more storage space than you need, then it means you are paying for something which you don’t really want.

Here is the much-needed information which one needs to understand what these capacities mean and which one suits you the best.

Is 64 GB sufficient for me?

It’s a very tricky question to examine the storage space one requires. How does one analyze the same? The answer lies in the way you use your phone to entertain yourself. Streaming movies, music and TV shows instead of saving them on the device mean that an iPhone with 64 GB storage space would be enough for you. Downloading dozens of apps and games on the phone doesn’t take much of the storage space and hence 64GB is sufficient for your needs.

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However, as a user, one should be into the habit of deleting the unnecessary apps to clear some space. The iOS comes loaded with features which automatically frees up storage space of your phone. Also, backing up the photos to the cloud-based service ensures that your data is secured and accessible without taking up space on your phone.

If you regularly do this, then iPhone storage space with 64 GB is enough for you.

Is 256 GB sufficient for me?

Go for 256GB storage capacity iPhone if you love to store photos, movies, music and videos locally on your phone. If you are a gamer who plays heavy games, then this is what you need. You can download any number of games just for the heck of it too without worrying much about the size of it. Another plus of 256GB iPhone is the fact that there is no constant need for monitoring of apps or constant deleting which could be a hassle some job.

If you are currently using iPhone with 64GB, then it would be a wise decision to upgrade to an iPhone Xs or Xs Max as apps and games are constantly updating and getting bigger in size and that extra storage space won’t hurt anyone.

Is 512 GB sufficient for me?

Now, one may ask, if this question is valid or not. 512 GB is one mammoth of storage space which not everyone requires. This storage space is meant for those who:

  • like to carry loads of content on the device.
  • shoots many videos all the time and doesn’t believe in storing to the cloud.
  • travel regularly and want their favorite content handy.
  • are power users and doesn’t worry much about storage.

If you are one among the top mentioned or who love to store a huge amount of stuff on the phone, then 512 GB of storage space is meant for you.