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How to choose a new phone? If you can't decide on your next phone, check out these handy tips

23 March 2019

Phones nowadays come loaded with features. And certainly, not everyone has the same priority in the needs and utilities of the smartphone specifications. Choosing the right phone as per your requirements can save you some money as well as you won’t be paying for the thing which you are not using. Thus, before buying your next phone, check out these handy tips.


With technology advancing by the day, there is a better version of the phone one is using available in the market. Instead of going for fancy stuff, if you think of an upgrade, go for the latest version of the smartphone you are currently using. This would give you a sense of belongingness to the phone and you will be comfortable operating it.

However, if you are seeking a change from your current phone, then do a little research about the below segments before making the final choice.


The operating system is the most important spec of the phone as it runs your phone. The two most popular operating systems are –iOS and Android.


This operating system is easy to understand and has a clean and clear look. It is only available for Apple owned iPhones and iPads.


It is the most commonly used operating system. Made by Google, a majority of handsets in the market runs on Android OS. Its advantage is the fact that it is customizable and lets you change the look and alter the settings. Android Play Store is the biggest app store.

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While buying a new smartphone, always go for the one with better connectivity. 4G connectivity is up to five times faster than the 3G. This makes surfing the internet and streaming videos and music more enjoyable.


If you seek a smartphone with good camera quality, then don’t forget to check the following:

Megapixel count- The higher, the better.

High quality and branded lens.

Optical image stabilisation

Camera sensors

Powerful image processors.

Low Light Quality


Check for the mAH of the phone’s battery as it is the measure of how large the battery is and the amount of power it stores. The higher the mAh, the longer a phone’s battery will work. However, it is to be noted that higher resolution screens and powerful processors drain the battery quickly. A decent smartphone battery ranges between 3000 mAh to 4000mAh.


If you like to watch movies and videos on your phone, then choose a high-resolution screen. Look for features like 4K resolution and Quad HD if you wish to enjoy the minute details.

If you enjoy playing games on the phone, then look for processors with more cores-ideally four or eight. Also, go for high processor speed i.e. high GHz number usually between 1.5 GHz and 2.0 GHz.

For entertainment purpose, seek a RAM of at least 2 GB to ensure the games open smoothly.

Weigh all these factors and make an upgrade with the best of a smartphone. Happy Shopping.