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How to find a cheap mobile phone?

31 December 2016

Owning a mobile phone these days is possible for just about anyone. With phones available at as low as £20 each month, you can get yourself a great smartphone even on a budget.

However, even with the several options available to you, you can go wrong in choosing the right phone on a budget. You can use these simple tips to make sure you track down the most economical handset and tariff option and save a lot of money.

Why get a phone to begin with?

It is wise to keep it simple as often as you can. With the advanced handsets, you get several functions that can be dizzying at times. There are many functions like 3D technology that you do not even need.

So, if you want a practical handset that is less fussy and easy to use, then you can look for a cheap and basic handset.

What about quality?

Many people believe that with a cheap handset they are only getting one that is poor in quality. You can get some really good handsets that are made by highly regarded manufacturers like Microsoft, HTC, Samsung and Sony.

You can expect the same quality of build and calling abilities with these handsets without some of the advanced functions that you may not really require. These devices are basically simplified versions of the better models.

What functions will you miss out on?

With a cheap phone, you can get almost all the good functions that other modern phones have. You will be able to use a good web browser, camera, great applications, emails and even social networking apps. You will even have games and basic functions like a calculator and alarm in all phones.

What you may not have are options like HD recording, A-GPS and SATNAV. Unless these are absolutely necessary, you won't need a high end phone.

How to get an affordable phone contract?

You can look for various networks that will provide you with a selection of affordable contracts. You can even get handsets for less than £10 a month with some special deal.

The contract will depend upon how many minutes of calling, how much data and how much texting you opt for. You can choose a package depending upon what you need most.

Pay as you go or pay per month?

Pay as you go allows you to pay as you use your data, calling and texts. This lets you keep track of what you use. However, you will have to pay upfront for the phone.

With pay per month, you can break down the phone and mobile tariff into monthly installments. The only problem that you may face is terminating a contract prematurely if you want a new handset. Now, if you are someone who likes to change their phones often the previous option is better. But if you want to stick to a budget strictly, pay as you go works well.

Keeping your existing phone

You can choose a SIM only deal if you keep your current phone. This is a lot cheaper although you have to pay monthly. But, your freedom of changing a phone does not change with this deal. If you need to upgrade, you just transfer the SIM card.

Whether you are looking at purchasing a new smartphone on a contract basis or whether you are looking at SIM only deals, you can find everything that you need at mobilephonescomparison.co.uk. You can even compare the available deals and choose one that suits you perfectly. That way you know that you are making an informed decision at all times.