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Is your Smartphone Costing you Too Much?

21 November 2016

When opting to buy a new Smartphone or contract phone, it is important to assess its cost in all ways. On an average, your expenses towards your smart phone should not exceed £15. In case you are paying anything more than that, you are definitely paying too much. In fact, it is shocking to see that most smartphone users are actually paying about  £50- £100 a month when their expenses could be cut down by a large amount.

Normally, you can get up to 6GB of data and almost 2000 calling minutes for just  £15 with your simple SIM-only deal. However, it is a whole new story with people who are on a contract tariff deal, especially after the contract has expired.

It is quite shocking to know that most smart phone users are actually paying an additional  £100 on their Smartphone. This is quite ironic considering that mobile phone expenses actually reduce with time but we just end up paying more always. If you are on a contract tariff, make sure you renew the contract after the duration of the contract. This is usually for a period of about 24 months. You will be surprised to know that close to  £450 million is wasted overall by people who fail to do this.

This is important because the cost of the so called 'free' handset that came with this plan is actually incorporated into the bill each month. When you fail to renew the contract, you continue to pay for a phone for which you have already paid the full cost.  

You can save a lot by shopping around for your plan before you actually finalize on one. At www.mobilephonescomparison.co.uk you can check for the best possible tariffs and compare them too. That way, you can pack in more data and talk time for a smaller price. If you are unable to make up your mind with all the options available to you, a good idea would be to search online for the best plans available and zero in on the one that perfectly suits you.

Watching your internet usage everyday can really help you cut costs. If you can calculate the actual usage, you can switch to a plan that will ensure that you do not overspend. Be very careful when you choose your add-on plans. It is possible that you end up paying anything between  £20 and  £80 additionally for your data usage. If you are being charged separately for data device access, you can combine the two or just switch your carrier. Prepaid is a great option if you are on a really tight budget. The only problem you will face is a limitation in the selection of handsets that offer prepaid services.

The last and most common reason for overpaying are roaming costs. If you frequently travel abroad, getting a travel SIM is a really great option to help you prevent extra costs. Very few service providers will give you great deals on roaming. You could compare and choose what is best for you.

Remember that you must not shell out anything more than a maximum of  £25 for your mobile expenses. This is also only true if you are constantly using your phone and also data services all day long.