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Nine iOS 11 features Apple didn't talk about

07 November 2017

The Apple iOS 11 was introduced at the Worldwide Developer's Conference. While big features such as the smart speaker and augmented reality were discussed, Apple left out these nine exciting features of the software.

  • You can now type to Siri: Along with voice commands, you can also type in your questions to Siri now. This is a feature that is extremely handy when you are in a noisy environment.
  • QR code integration: Until now, users did not have any native support to QR on Apple. Now, it is part of the native camera app, allowing users to scan QR codes easily.
  • You can use the phone in the One-hand mode: This is a feature that lets you change your keyboard layout to a side that you prefer or even in the shape of an arc. You also have the one hand zoom feature in Maps making it simpler to use Apple’s map application.
  • Screen Recording: This is a feature that has been inspired by competitors such as Samsung. You can now record the activities that you perform on your screen. There is also talk of the option of creating GIFs.
  • Mark up and Screenshot: This was a feature that came into the forefront when the iPad Pro was introduced. Now this has also been extended to the iOS 11 devices. You can now markup and crop your screenshot as soon you have captured it.
  • Podcast apps have a facelift: The whole App Store is being redesigned with the iOS 11 software. The Podcast app will see an overhaul and will have an exclusive marketplace. With some tough competition from Discovery and this is Apple’s chance to get theirs right.
  • Wi-Fi password share: You can now share your Wi-Fi password with other iOS devices easily. However, all the devices should be running on the iOS 11 software. It is as simple as bringing the target device near the device connected to Wi-Fi and agree to join the network through a pop-up message. You can then send the password to the other device with one tap.
  • Changing music on the Airpod got easier: Currently, users can only change tracks on any iOS device after starting Siri. This requires you to double tap the Airpod or provide a voice command. With the iOS 11, the process is much simpler. All you have to do is customize the settings for Bluetooth. Following that you need to configure forward and skip gestures using a double tap on both of your Airpods.
  • 3D touch feature: The iOS 11 sees an upgraded version of the 3D touch technology. It has been extended to applications like iMessage and Safari as well. You can switch tabs in Safari, look up notifications easily and even share URLs through messages using the advanced 3D touch technology. You can also get a quick glance at web search result for a phrase or word that is highlighted with the look up feature.

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