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What are the different mobile operating systems?

02 January 2017

When you are looking at buying a new handset, you must have certainly heard a lot about the operating system. In essence, the operating system determines your experience with a phone. However, you need to understand what an operating system actually does so you can compare the different ones available.

What does the OS do?

The mobile phone is far from a device that is just meant to make calls and send texts. Today every function from sending emails, to designing presentations and even editing videos happens on your mobile phone. You have advanced technology such as making video calls as well.

Just like your desktop or laptop has an operating system that manages all the resources and the memory when performing various tasks, even our mobile phones have similar software. With the development of these operating systems, our phones are able to perform a lot more advanced functions.

The operating system is also a platform that allows developers to create apps that carry out different functions like helping you save battery, bringing you news on your phone, providing a simple game when you need to kill time and lots more.

Checking your phone's operating system

The whole user interface is determined by the operating system that you have on your phone. So, if you want to find out what operating system you have, simply turn off and turn on your phone. Usually the name of the operating system should appear while the phone is starting.

If not, you can go to the settings of your phone and check the "About Phone" menu.

Different operating systems

There are some operating systems that restrict the apps and software that you can run on a phone. There are other open source software that will allow you to download pretty much anything on your device. The different operating systems available are:

  • iOS: This is an operating system that runs all Apple devices. It is a multitasking and multi-touch OS that lets you touch the screen to open an app, pinch your fingers to minimize and maximize or even swipe for different functions. This is an OS that allows you to download only from the Apple store.
  • Android: A lot of modern devices run on this open source software that is owned by Google. It is powered by Linux. With an open source OS, you also have the option of developing new applications on your own. This is definitely the dominant software today with the biggest mobile manufacturers opting for it and also thanks to the amazing multitasking ability. You have great options like widgets, multiple home screen designs and easy access to important functions and content.
  • Windows: This software has been reinvented to provide better user experience. You have a trademark tiles interface and easy storage options like automating image segregation. You have an optimized version of the internet explorer to browse the net with this OS.

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