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The Best UK Network Operators for Kids

06 April 2019

With smartphones being in every little hand in the UK, the parents need to be wary of social concerns like cyberbullying which is increasing at a very fast pace. Inappropriate content on the web and child groomers frequenting social media sites, parents are rightly concerning about the safety of the child when online using the smartphone. It thus becomes highly important to choose a network for the smartphone which is safer for the kids. With this aspect, the parents also need to keep the bills under the loop too.

Some of the best UK network operators for kids are:

  1. Tesco Mobile

It is one of the most child-friendly operators. Herein, the parental controls are set by default on all accounts which means kids cannot access web content which is unsuitable for age. The operator requires verification of age with ID at a Tesco Mobile Stand.

It also has capped contracts which allows you to go to your online account and set a maximum ”overdraft” limit for your monthly contract. This ensures that the bill doesn’t exceed the monthly cost plus the amount you set as an overdraft limit. Compare Tesco deals


  1. Vodafone

Vodafone is another great option. Its digital parenting website provides a lot of information and tips for child safety. It also cooperates with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) to help protect kids from inappropriate content.

Vodafone also offers to set spending limits monthly. It also has Red+ family plan which gives additional discounts when more members are added in the plan. Compare Vodafone deals


  1. TalkTalk

TalkTalk operator is also high on child safety and has default child settings to protect kids from inappropriate content. Its SuperSafe Boost gives additional virus and anti-theft protection and provides flexible control over content access.

It doesn’t let you set a spending limit or cap but has a Family Circle programme which allows free calls to five TalkTalk customers. This means kids can contact you even when they are short of minutes. Compare TalkTalk deals


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  1. EE

EE comes loaded with three safety settings for their SIM cards ranging from no blocks to blocking all content rated higher than PG. This is very helpful when you have kids of different age groups using the phone. Their 4GEEE plan allows for the addition of up to four family members to your contract which gives cheaper monthly bills and sharing of data amongst the family members. Compare EE deals


  1. O2

The first operator to recognize the need for protection for children was O2. It has a special online hub for parents and children which is full of ideas for how to talk to your kid about smartphone safety and security. Their free helpline can be accessed for any advice on the concerned topic. Compare O2 deals