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iPhone XI (iPhone 11) and iPhone X Plus specs, news and rumours: The latest on the next Apple flagship

11 September 2018

The release of every new iPhone is shrouded with rumors. The 2018 models are no different with users wanting all the details on what to expect with the latest range in iPhones. Here are some rumors about the next Apple flagship devices:

Speculated Release Date

Keeping the tradition, the release of the new iPhone X1 and the iPhone X Plus has been scheduled to 12th September 2018. The theme is something that is still not unraveled with just one hint from the tagline, “gather around” which means that the release may happen at the circular building in the Apple Park.

What is in a name?

One thing that is certain is that the “X” in the name will be retained. But, what users do not know is if the new devices will be called the Apple iPhone X1, iPhone X2 or the iPhone XS. There are also some rumors about a larger iPhone X which will be called the iPhone XS Plus. This will be the largest one of the three devices to be launched this year.

More colors

The design of the new iPhone range will be similar to the iPhone X. There were rumors in the past year that the iPhone X will be released in a gold color. There is a speculation that the new devices will include gold along with other colors such as red, blue, white, grey, black and even orange.


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Change in size

There will be three devices launched this year with three different screen sizes. This includes a 5.8 inch screen, a 6.1 inch screen and a 6.5 inch screen. All the devices will come with an OLED screen in an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Better Face ID

The Face ID technology that was launched with the 2017 models will see some changes with the new range.  This includes the TrueDepth camera system that will improve this technology to a large extent.

Improvements in camera

The 2018 models will retain the dual rear cameras that was seen in the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. However, this may not be seen in the 6.1 inch model that will make it look like the standard iPhone 8. The rumors of the triple lens camera have been settled with Apple confirming that this new feature is reserved for the 2019 models.

Improved hardware

The 2018 models will come with the Apple A11X processor which may also be named the Apple A12 processor. It is rumored that battery life will improve by 40 percent with this new chipset. The biggest rumor with the hardware is that Apple may reintroduce the 3.5 mm jack. Dual SIM and expandable memory can also be expected with these devices.

Latest iOS

The new devices will see a software upgrade to the iOS 12. This will include several enhancements in Siri, Photos and also ARKit. You can also expect faster app loading and opening time with the new software.