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Pay as you go Deals

If you do not want to be stuck to a long term contract, then a pay as you go deal is perfect for you. These plans offer you the flexibility of budget, choosing the plan and also moving from one handset or network to the other.

What is pay as you go?

When you opt for a Pay As You Go (PAYG) deal, you will have to buy your handset upfront and will not have the option of spreading out the cost of your device. You have the option of a simple top up as you need. You may choose to pay the same for each top up or may upgrade or downsize depending upon your requirements.

Adding credit is quite easy. You can get a voucher from a dealer or a store. You can also go online and pay for the airtime you require on the website of your network provider. You even have the option of calling their customer care services directly to get a top up by providing your credit card details.

Why choose PAYG?

The advantage of PAYG is that you are not bound to any contract. That gives you a lot of flexibility, allowing to switch from one service provider to the other if you are not happy with them. You can also switch to new tariff plans that are introduced into the market to enjoy their benefits straight away.

You have the choice of a mobile phone upgrade as and when you need. Since there is not contract involved, you need to stick to one boring handset for a long time. You can also pay only for the data and minutes that you actually make use of when you top up on the go. That way, you will have a control on your budget for your phone.

You actually get the handset for much cheaper with Pay as you go as there are phones that you can buy for as little as £5.

PAYG vs Contract Phone   

With contract mobile phones, the tariffs are fixed for each month. It has been observed that people overspend with pay as you go phones. They tend to pay a lot more than the contract customers.

With a contract phone, dividing the cost of the handset is an option, making it easy for many to own high end phones without a crunch on their pockets. Lastly, with pay as you go, you may run out of credit often, making contract phones a more convenient option.

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