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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

02 January 2017

Great performance is something that you can certainly expect from Apple devices. Now, you also have the advantage of beautiful design and interesting new features with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB.

Design and Display

The edges are smooth and round. The sleek body looks gorgeous and comes in some amazing color options including rose gold, gold, and black. The removal of the home screen button is a welcome change. It has been replaced by a capacitive pad that makes the design cleaner. The 5.5-inch screen certainly qualifies the phone to be a phablet. But, what you cannot miss is the full HD resolution, the contrasts and the clarity in the display.


When you buy yourself an iPhone, you sign up for great performance. With the iPhone 7 Plus, you have an A10 chipset which was the most sought after an improvement in this device. It is fast and extremely powerful. Adding to this power is the 3GB RAM which makes file browsing and also running heavy programs silky smooth. The iPhone 7Plus is run by the iOS 10 which is very responsive and designed to improve the user experience. As for the storage, the mid-range option lies at 128 GB. You also have an entry level option at 32 GB and a high-end 256 GB option.

Other Features

The significant change is the removal of the headphone jack. The camera is astounding, and you have two powerful 12 MP rear cameras with options like 2X zoom. This means you have great details and realistic colors. The battery life has been improved to help you use all the amazing features without any hassles.

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