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Huawei P Smart

13 August 2018

Huawei has always had a great reputation for making the best in technology available in smartphones at the most competitive prices. With the Huawei P Smart, you get a device that is stunning in build quality and loaded with features that live up to the “Smart” tag in the name of the device.

Design ad display

The device has great build and is very sturdy on the palm. The body is made with metal entirely giving it a very premium feel. The subtle sheen on the body is scratch resistant and is less prone to smudges. The silver bands on the bottom and on top give it great detailing.

The placement of the fingerprint sensor at the back and the ultra-thin bezels make way for the full view IPS LCD screen that offers excellent picture quality. The 1080X 2160 resolution ensures crisp and clear images. This along with great audio quality makes this one of the best devices to watch movies and videos on.


The performance of this device is on par with some of the most expensive devices available in the market today. An octa core processor powers the device. You have a good 3GB RAM with the entry level device and can also choose 4GB with the higher priced ones. This means that the device is very fast in its responsiveness.

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You have the Android 8.0 software that comes with the EMUI 8 layers that make the Android experience even better with this device. This handset uses Artificial Intelligence to make it a lot more intuitive. This means better performance of the apps that you use more frequently and several other features.


The main 13 MP lens is paired with a 2MP secondary lens to give you great image quality. One interesting feature is the Bokeh Mode that allows you to blur the background and focus on the subject of the image. This feature is available even with the front camera. You can get better quality food shots with the Good Food Mode. You also have the option using Light painting mode that gives you beautiful light trails. 

Battery life, memory and other features

The device comes with a decent 3000mAh battery that lasts almost a whole day even with heavy usage. You can also switch to the highly efficient low power mode in case your battery is running low.

You have two internal storage options. At the entry level you have a 32GB internal storage option and you also have the 64GB option. This memory is expandable to 256 GB with an external MicroSD card. This makes sure that you never run out of storage space with your device.

The only drawback with this device is that it is not waterproof. However, given the price point of the device, this feature can be overlooked. This device is undoubtedly a great contender among the mid-range phones. With the great design and even better performance, this is a total steal.