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iPhone 7 Review

02 January 2017

The iPhone 7 is certainly a great new upgrade in this series. It was the most awaited phone this year. There are a few outstanding features in this phone and also some disappointments. Here is a detailed review that will help you decide if this is a good phone for you or not.

Design Elements

The design of the iPhone7 remains pretty much the same as its predecessors. The only glaring design change in this model is the removal of the headphone jack. The jet black version of this phone is exquisite and is unlike any other phone. It is sure to make you stand out. The exterior of the phone is chunkier with a larger screen that is 5.1 inches in size. One important feature of this phone is the replacement of the home button with capacitive touch sensitivity. This feature has been added to enable the phone to be fully water resistant! Yes, that is the best news for iPhone lovers.

What's on the inside?

The A10 Fusion chip guarantees better performance than any other iPhone. It is one of the most powerful phones with a quad-core CPU paired with a 2GB RAM. Multi-tasking and running 3D games is smoother than ever with this phone.

The CPU is divided with two cores being used for important tasks like gaming and the other two directed at simple tasks like texting. That is why you can multitask without any hassle with this device.

If storage is a matter of great concern to you, you have three options with this phone. You can opt for an entry-level 32GB and move up to 128 GB and a whopping 256 GB. That way the great apps and features are easy for you to store and manage.


The upgraded camera is one of the best features of the phone. You have six optical lenses, optical image stabilization and a wider aperture in this device. That means low light photography is outstanding. The primary camera has a resolution of 12 MP while the front camera is a 7MP resolution.

The images are improved by a large software but look stunningly natural.  

3D touch

This is a feature that is quite attractive on this handset. The physical home screen button has been replaced by a sensitive and responsive touch technology. You use the bits of electricity on your finger to get the phone in action.

Swiping is smooth, and the response is almost immediate. That makes navigation a treat with this handset.


Low battery life and the exorbitant price seem like the biggest disadvantages with this device. Besides that, it is simply a monster regarding performance and functionality.

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