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iPhone 7 32GB Black Review

02 January 2017

The headphone controversy surrounding the iPhone 7 32 GB Black made it one of the most sought after phones. Also, the prize hike made consumers wonder if this was the handset that they were promised.

Design and Details

At first glance, this phone looks like the iPhone 6. But what is amazing is the colors that the phone is available in. Besides the regular rose gold, gold and silver, you have two shades of black. Minor changes include the change in antenna band positioning. Of course, the missing headphone jack makes it mandatory to look for wireless options. But, a great speaker makes up for the lack of this feature.

3D touch and water resistance are features that iPhone lovers can look forward to. The handset itself is small and easy to handle with a brilliant 4.7-inch gamut display screen.


The 12 MP primary camera and the 7MP front camera are ideal for clicking realistic images. Features like Optical Image Stabilization, six optical lenses and more make it delightful to work the camera. You

The Inside

Performance is incredible with this handset. You have an A10 Chip that guarantees faster navigation and much better graphics. This is paired with a 2GB RAM and the iOS 10, of course. The quad-core CPU also means that the phone comes with a lot more power to it as well. The functions are divided among the four core processors for better performance

As for the storage, you have three options, namely 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Battery life is the only setback in this handset that, otherwise, has packed with some amazing features.

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