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Nokia 7 Plus Review

13 August 2018

The Nokia 7 plus is one of the best-priced smartphones with premium features. It is great in terms of build quality and gives you extremely reliable performance.

Whether you are looking for a great device to use for work or want a device that provides unending media options, this is a good option for you.

Design and Display

The premium build quality and the sleek design is one of the first things you will notice about his device. The copper trim around the edges really makes it stand out. It has an all-black matte exterior that is smudge free.

The 6-inch screen is certainly a visual treat. The IPS LCD Screen is one of the cost cutting methods that work to Nokia’s advantage. It performs very well except in bright sunlight where you have to make the screen brighter to make it visible. This screen is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which makes it highly scratch resistant.


The Nokia 7 Plus features the very clean Android One software. It does not come with any unwanted app store or bloatware that ensures great performance. The device comes with a 4GB RAM that makes it quite responsive. You can enjoy lag-free performance even with large files and when you are multitasking as well.


The device comes with a 12MP camera in the front and a 13MP main camera. The colors captured by the camera are vivid and true to life. One feature that is noteworthy at this price range is the 2X optical zoom. The best addition to this device is the soft light portrait mode which gives you great results. On the downside, it does not have Optimal Image Stabilization which means that you need to have a steady hand to capture great images. 

Battery Life, Memory and Other features

The battery life is one of the best features of the device. It comes with a powerful 3800mAh battery which keeps the device going for over a day even with just one full charge. To add to this you have the fast charge option that can charge a fully drained battery to 40% even with just 10 minutes of plugging the device in. You can enjoy great battery power even with gaming and video streaming. Therefore, if you use power-consuming apps regularly, the battery life of this device will not disappoint you.

You have a 64GB internal storage option. This is expandable to 256 GB by using the second slot on the SIM card slot as a memory card holder. You also have the option of Google Cloud Services that are very well integrated. So you will never run out of storage with this device.

The audio of the inbuilt speakers are exceptionally good and the device also retains the headphone jack.

In conclusion, this device offers great features at the most competitive price. It is easily one of the best-designed devices and also offers great performance and speed.