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Samsung Galaxy S8: five new things we know

02 January 2017

With every announcement of a new handset by a leading mobile manufacturer, speculations about what you can expect to begin all over the internet. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also one such device that is most awaited in the following year. Here are five things that you can expect with this new model in this series.

    • The New and Improved Design: Chief of mobile, Lee Kyeong tae has said that the design of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be very Slick. This seems to be yet another attempt by Samsung to help keep the designs of the Galaxy and the Note Series exclusive.
  • Better Camera: Rumor has it that the new model will feature a dual lens camera. While there have been no details, Lee has confirmed that the camera on this device will certainly surpass the previous models. It seems right that the dual lens will be a feature as it is the current rage in the market. And, of course, it does take the pictures a lot better.
  • Voice Activated Assistant: An enhanced Artificial intelligence service is in the pipeline. With the buying up of VIV Lab, the creators of Siri, Samsung has left no doubt that we can expect some new voice activated services. This will be a key feature in the messaging app as well. You can carry out several functions like having queries answered, booking a cab, ordering take out or prompting third party apps with this outstanding feature.
  • Postponed Launch: There has been no confirmation on when this device will be launched. There have been several rumors that the launch will be delayed. This is probably because of the major setback with the previous model which had batteries exploding world over. So, instead of a February launch, you can expect it to be pushed to March. This also means that the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona may not feature a new smartphone from Samsung.
  • Swap Phones: If you are a current Note 7 owner, the good news is that you can exchange it for a brand new S8. If you have also been a victim of exploding batteries, you can get yourself a better handset. Now there are no real details on whether you will have to bear any additional costs or not. At this point, it seems like Samsung is unable to offer specific details in this regard to its consumers.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will certainly be an amazing device. This is almost like a resurrection for the mobile giant after the fiasco of the exploding batteries with the previous model, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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